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Emily Dickinson


That’s a Bird! this bird was so cool i have never seen any thing like this. i think this bird should be kept in a zoo so other people can see what nature has.

This world is becoming fake

Today as i watched a video about how people in our lives that we see in magazines and on bill boards really dont look like they do in those things. well i think its so wrong to do things like that. doing all that fixing up how people look make them look so bad when people in public see them. its basically calling your self fake and i think they should just ler people show there true beauty!!!!

that witch

well in todays world i think i would act the same as them and i would just keep every thing cool.


On the PBS website i did a Racism. i thought that my score was pretty good i got most of the races right.  I really didn’t think it was that hard tho.  i did have little trouble trying to figure  out the diff between the Asian and Native Americans.  the things i am use to looking at are eyes and the color of the skin.  I think that people need to not separate people by there color or the way there eyes look.  some people could have a skin problem or just be really tan.  Some peoples eyes look a little different but they could have just been that way. so my point is people need to stop hating and respect each other for there real race.

im a new bloger

This is my first blog.  i think this might be pretty cool i have never did one so this shall be interesting.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. 🙂